Healthy Aging® Month is an annual observance designed to focus national attention on the positive aspects of growing older. Why is healthy aging important? Older adults are among the fastest growing age groups. The first “baby boomers” (adults born between 1946 and 1964) turned 65 in 2011. More than 37 million people in this group (60 percent) will manage more than one chronic condition by 2030. Older adults are at high risk for developing chronic illnesses and related disabilities. Therefore, knowing resources are available, and ways to live a healthy life are vital in caring for ourselves and loved ones.

Below are some ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle as you age.

1. Get moving. Exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body and brain.

2. Stay social. Take a class, volunteer, play games, see old friends, and make new ones.

3. Bulk up. Eat beans and other high-fiber foods for digestive and heart health.

4. Add some spice. Add herbs and spices to your meals if medications dull your taste buds.

5. Stay balanced. Practice yoga or tai chi to improve agility and prevent falls.

6. Take a hike. Brisk daily walks this September can bolster your heart and lungs.

7. Sleep well. Talk to a sleep specialist if you don’t sleep soundly through the night.

8. Beat the blues. If you’ve been down for a while, see a doctor. Depression can be treated.

9. Don’t forget. To aid your memory, make lists, follow routines, slow down, and organize.

Mystic Valley Elder Services offers a variety of free, evidence-based workshops to promote health, wellbeing, and happiness.


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