Mystic Valley Elder Services is seeking volunteers for its new Social Engagement Program to help improve the health and well-being of isolated older adults in the community by providing meaningful social connection—whether it be through regular visits, telephone calls, or email.

The Social Engagement Program will provide focused intervention on the poor health and wellness outcomes linked to loneliness and social isolation, a problem that is impacting older adults in epidemic proportions, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. With the recruitment and training of volunteers, this new service will become a reality in the lives of many isolated older adults in MVES’ communities that will continue after the pandemic subsides. Bilingual volunteers are also needed to help us serve individuals who do not speak English.

As part of the program, volunteers will be paired up with consumers who are participants in MVES’ home care program. Volunteers will connect with participants in a variety of ways that meet the needs of the consumer and the volunteer.  Connection options will include: a Telephone Reassurance Program, where a volunteer calls the isolated individual and provides a social contact and friendly conversation; an Email Correspondence, for online engagement with others via technology; and a Friendly Visitor Program, in which the consumer receives home visits that focus on in-person socialization and companionship. (This will begin when determined it is safe to visit consumers in their homes.)

You can make a difference as a Social Engagement Program volunteer and play an important role to combat the effects of social isolation for isolated older adults in your community. If you would like to learn more about volunteering for the MVES Social Engagement Program, please contact Leah Mulrenan at (781) 388-2375 or

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