The month of November is National Family Caregivers Month which offers an opportunity to honor the countless family caregivers that work tirelessly each day to attend to their family members’ needs. Mystic Valley Elder Services (MVES) is pleased to provide affordable and accessible services needed by these caregivers through the agency’s Family Caregiver Support Program.

Through this program, hundreds of caregivers are helped every year. When a new caregiver signs up for the program, a support coordinator sets up an appointment with them to go over an individualized action plan. We understand that every caregiver’s situation is distinct from others which is why the plan is uniquely tailored to each caregiver’s needs.

This plan comes at little or no cost to the caregiver. During the meeting, the coordinator will discuss the different kinds of services provided by MVES such as one-on-one assistance, peer support groups, family meetings, and community resources.

Our services range from support groups where a caregiver can form friendships with other caregivers to workshops focused on raising awareness to the issues a caregiver faces throughout their day. Many caregivers who have taken part in the program have befriended other caregivers who are in similar situations. The support group engages in thoughtful conversations about the difficulty of being a caregiver and the situations they can face. It also brings awareness to common diseases so that the caregiver doesn’t feel alone in their journey.

Some services may be needed at the home that the caregiver may not have which is why we have adaptive home equipment to support the family. From bed rails to a shower curtain, MVES strives to meet an individual’s needs on an everyday basis.

We also understand that a caregiver may feel like their needs are delayed when taking care of others which can lead to a burnout. Therefore, we have services tailored to giving some relief to the caregiver. This assistance, if caregiver is eligible, provides supportive services such as adult day health, companions, and helping find private duty assistance. These services are just a phone call away.

To learn more about the Family Caregiver Support Program, visit our website at or call 781-324-7705.

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