What do Mom and Dad need for Christmas?

Most of us are faced with that question each year. So, as you see your parents or grandparents this holiday season—either safely in person or virtually—and express your love and thanks to them for all they have done, include Mystic Valley Elder Services (MVES) in that conversation by giving them the opportunity to talk about what they really need and want to make their quality of life better in 2021.

Discuss how they are doing around the house and ask what their daily routine looks like. Is it becoming increasingly difficult to get up and get dressed in the morning? Is it a challenge to navigate successfully in the bathroom?  Have there been any falls or other accidents in the home?  Are they preparing healthy meals and eating them? These are just some of the issues that a MVES care manager can address with you and your parents. Consultations are free and there are no obligations. Options and choices will be presented for consideration by your parents and you as caregivers.

The great news is that most individuals will be fortunate to live well into their older years. The other news is that while it may be hard to accept as people age, many will eventually require some type of assistance. But ask any older adult where they prefer to live as they age and the response will likely be “at home.”

MVES’ Home Care Program provides access to a variety of in-home and community based services that make these daily activities easier.  The program is available to individuals age 60 and over who need help with a range of daily tasks. People can receive services no matter what their income level may be and the fees are based on a sliding scale. Care managers will provide all the information on eligibility guidelines, fees, availability of services up front as you consider options that make the most sense for your parents and you as a caregiver. We understand that each person and family have different needs and we tailor care plans to meet those unique circumstances and needs. And we will continue working with you and your parents for as long as you need us and the advice and care planning is always free!

A fundamental advantage of living at home is that the individual is able to keep control over their daily life. They get to continue living by their own schedule, choosing when they want to eat, sleep, and socialize. MVES describes this as person-centered care and does everything possible to support each person’s ability to receive care at home on their own terms in the safest matter. Home care can help older adults remain in their homes and be healthier, more socially engaged and independent. In fact, research shows home care can expedite healing and improve older adults’ quality of life. It can also prevent or delay the need for long-term care, which is financially better for individuals and their families.

Frank, 87, of Chelsea, is receiving homecare services including homemaking, a medication dispenser, a personal emergency response system, nutrition counseling as well as home-delivered meals. As the caregiver, Frank’s son is pleased with the services. “Mystic Valley Elder Services provides support for both my father and my family in a caring manner. They knew my father’s likes and dislikes and provided a care plan that met all of his individual needs,” said Frank’s son. “I’m so grateful to the staff who have helped my father age in place. Because they have adapted to my father’s needs, he continues to feel independent.” And since Frank is very low income and is eligible for MassHealth coverage, his services are no cost to him.

MVES believes everyone should have the ability to live life to the fullest, with dignity. Through the Home Care Program and the care manager’s customized care plan, older adults are given the support they need to remain in their homes and communities.

Make this holiday special for your parents, and think about how you can give them additional support and reassurance through MVES’ range of home- and community-based services. When you need to understand your options for the care of a loved one, call us at 781-324-7705 or visit here for more information.






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